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Office Hours:  Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Closed for lunch from 12:00pm - 1:00pm

  • Since coming to Lincoln Tree Medical Clinic. I have been helped control my pain level along with being treated with respect.–Ellen M.

  • Everyone has been very good about privacy, concern for patients, sending for tests, or sending to a specialty doctor for whatever problems you are experiencing. All in all, Lincoln Tree Medical Clinic has been the very best in everything, regardless what your needs are.–Judy W.

  • I first came to this office in January 2013. The first day I came I was in terrible pain and the staff, nurses, and doctors have been wonderful. They are all very nice, considerate and concerned about their patients and what they are going through. The doctors worked with me until they found a combination of meds that keeps my severe pain pretty well under control. They treat you as a person, and not just like a number -- like all the other pain clinics I went to. I would recommend them to everyone that is in severe pain. They are wonderful!–Myra E.

  • Everyone in this office has been very nice to us. the are professional and courteous. They take time to address any and all concerns that I may have. I appreciate all of them.–Claud J.

  • Coming here was the best thing possible. The staff, Dr. Roth, and Dr. Tate are most helpful and very nice and pleasant too.–Charlotte V.

  • Great doctors and nursing staff. Nice people to have serve you and they are very helpful.–Ryan L.

  • I have always been treated with respect, dignity, and the best genuine friendly care possible. I thank you for nursing with a heart.–Sheila B.

  • I have felt very comfortable here since the first day. I have been listened to and staff was truly interested in what I was saying. Dr. Roth, Allen Tate, and Lisa Diaz Barriga have made me feel like a person here, not just a patient or a number. I am finally being teated by a loving family. Thank God I am here. –Richard O.